Google to Open Six "Winter Wonderland" Pop-Up Stores to Demo Latest Products



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Partnering and pop-up stores are probably an answer to the show-rooming problem Best Buy was talking about last winter. It helps pay the bills but they had to bulldoze isles of classic movies and used games to fit them in at my local store. It's interesting to watch them adapt to the changing times, but they're shrinking the inventory of the things that I want most.



But I thought this was what their secret barges were for!

Thankfully these will not be at my local malls as, between this and the Apple store, the corporate hipster dbaggery would be so dense as to create a black hole, where the mall doors mark the event horizon and anyone who walks in will walk out wearing non-prescription glasses (I will never understand why anyone would do that), sipping pretentious tea/coffee and raging against corporations, capitalism and ambition while using their newly bought Apple/Google product...and they won't be doing it "ironically".



"For example, both Samsung and Apple have dedicated sections in most Best Buy retail locations to show off their respective wares, Microsoft has retail stores all across the country, and Intel is opening up pop-up stores for holidays."

Wait, is that right? I thought Microsoft partnered with Best Buy and Apple is the one with the retail stores all over.



All coastal states save for Chicago. Google actually needs some better marketing team(s) - shocking to write that. How they missed the Mall of America, one of the largest shopping tourist destinations in the entire country, is a glaring omission.

Google even overlooked their fiber roll out location(s) in Kansas with this marketing tent.

National media organizations would have the country believe that the center of the United States doesn't exist unless they are hit with flooding or tornadoes. It's really too bad. TV shows are based mostly out of CA or NY and marketing strategies are geared with the ocean-side extremes in mind.

Maybe it works, I think they're missing a huge opportunity though.



If you live in Flyover Country you don't exist.

For TV, progress is being made: Cleveland is the new stand-in for New York City. Also, don't feel too bad as I live near DC and it irks me to no end to see major network programs completely fail to even make it look like they're filming here: if you watch NCIS you can see towering mountains in "DC", arid quasi-desert in "Maryland" and an obviously-California standin for "Shenandoah"; in The Blacklist they tried to pass off some subway, probably LA's, as the DC Metro.



I live in the NY market so its easy for me to go these stores, intel and google. which i will but, I agree with you they are missing a big market right in the middle states. Mall of America, should have one and I would say Kansas and Austin as well. So they can really show off their fiber.

Im sure it doesn't cost much to pop up a prop store for a few months. Hope they will expand but for now I will enjoy the NY benefits.