Google Files Lawsuit Against Apple- and Microsoft-backed Patent Group



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well we are seeing the use of patents now to push competition out of the market place. before it was always a lame troll who was just out to make the easy buck, but in this case it is one where the push is to stop google and in effect android phones/tablets.

i am hoping that most of the patents are made public- so no one can claim exclusivity with them - that is about all we can really hope for. in this world after the signing of the digital millennium act you cannot really expect for patent law or any law dealing with rights management to be loosened.



I'm split on this one. Im usually a google fan but.. In this case because I'm Canadian I can understand Rockstar's point of view. Lately our government has been doing a reno of Nortels old buildings for use by CSIS (Canada's CIA) but they hit a snag. They found a crap load of listening devices that had been used by Chinese companies like Huwei to get an edge on Nortel and steal their IP.
So on the one hand i abhor patent trolls and yet i feel for a revolutionary Canadian company that went under due to people not respecting the patent system.



No company will get sympathy from me. Had Google won those patents they would have been doing the EXACT same thing to all their competitors. The entire patent system is a joke and being exploited by corporations to halt innovation. What was once designed to protect the rights and protect innovation is now being used in a counter productive manner.



About the only thing a Patent is good for these days is to ensure that lawyers get rich. The whole Patent system needs to be overhauled or scrapped.



Well....I suppose this was bound to happen sooner or later. I'm not exactly surprised. I AM surprised, however, that it took this long for them to go at it.


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probably just now affecting profits.