Google Announces Gmail Always Encrypted Now



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“An attempt to criminalize ordinary business practices.”

Like unregulated dumping of hazardous chemical wastes into our nation's rivers and lakes? Now, why on earth would anyone ever want to criminalize ordinary business practices? Because some of these practices should be criminal?

But I am out of line. American business should remain above the law, beyond reproach, regulation, or taxation. We, the great unwashed masses, should suffer our lot in dutiful silence. It is a sin to cast a questioning eye upon our corporate masters.

That aside, this is all just marketing bullshit spin. They're still mining our data. The NSA has backdoor access to all Google encryption. Google is no more secure or trustworthy than it's ever been.



Sounds more like public relations BS to battle privacy concerns with Google. Your emails aren't any safer than they were before. Google can read all your information flowing through their servers and I highly doubt this would thwart serious efforts by the NSA.


Sir Hobbes3

This doesn't really change much, if the NSA wants to look at your emails they will find a way to do it. The idea here is to make it secure, say if you're on public wi-fi and you want to check your email.



I'm glad that my e-mail will be encrypted to and from my computer with Google. I only have one question. Does the NSA have a plant at Google because if they do, encrypted e-mail is going to be meaningless within Google's data centers.



What about pgp keys? What effect will this have.



I do agree the NSA still can read email even when it's sent using HTTPS.... but I think it's great that at least Google is doing something to raise awareness about the spying and privacy issues that we are facing today.



a) Google still reads and indexes it all
b) The NSA can see straight through the encryption
c) meaningless



What is the point of the "emails are encrypted within Google" when Google mines our emails and sells that data anyhow? Besides PR, and ensuring that said data can only be obtained from Google, I don't see one.

Google wants our medical records open for all to see but our emails encrypted? Weird.

Since Google wouldn't even stand up to China. There's not a snowball's chance that they would stand up to the NSA.



Google did stand up to China. That's why they aren't there anymore.