Google Working On Real-Time Translator Technology

Brittany Vincent

Google can translate, but tact will still be on you

Do you run to your smartphone to translate phrases when faced with a language you don't speak? Is Google Translate part of your usual app arsenal? You might want to keep your ear to the ground then, as Google seems to be preparing a real-time translation device.

PC Mag reports (via The U.K. Times ) that Google is in the process of building prototypes that could one day allow travelers to interact fluently with anyone speaking a foreign language. Android vice president Hugo Barra is enthusiastic about how close this technology could actually be.

"We've got tons of prototypes of that sort of interaction, and I've played with it every other week to see how much progress we've made," Barra gushed, and for good reason -- this could revolutionize the way we communicate with each other.

Google Translate is an exciting service that offers instantaneous translation services and is great for simply playing around with, but this could mean great strides for you globetrotters out there looking to fraternize with locals or use the tech for business purposes.

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