Google Withdraws April 29 Download Deadline, Promises not to Nuke Your Google Video

Paul Lilly

Google last week sent out an email letting users know they had until April 29, 2011 to download any videos they had uploaded to Google Video, after which time they'd lose access to them forever. That must have not sat well with some armchair Steven Spielberg types, because over the weekend we received a second email from Google, this one telling us that it's taken user feedback to heart and removed the deadline, and is offering to help users shuttle their videos to YouTube.

"Google Video users can rest assured that they won't be losing any of their content and we are eliminating the April 29 deadline," Google said. "We will be working to automatically migrate your Google Videos to YouTube. In the meantime, your videos hosted on Google Video will remain accessible on the Web and existing links to Google Videos will remain accessible."

You can still download your videos if you want, with the same instructions as before. To recap, simply login into your Google Videos account and look for the Download Video link under the Actions heading on the Google Video status page. On that same page, you'll find an Upload Videos to YouTube button in the lower left corner.

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