Google Wave is Dead

Ryan Whitwam

Google unveiled Google Wave, a real time collaboration tool, at Google I/O 2009. There was huge interest at first; many people scrambled to get invites to the service. After all that early attention, Wave has largely been forgotten by the public. Today Google has made the announcement that Wave development will stop at the Googleplex.

It's not going offline right this moment. Google has said they intend to keep the servers operational for now, but the service might be completely shut down eventually. Frankly, Wave really never shook the "beta" feel for us, so stopping development is as good as a death sentence. Much of what was new in Wave, like live typing with remote collaborators, is open sourced and could show up elsewhere.

Google's official line on the rationale for ending the project is pretty matter of fact. "Wave has not seen the user adoption we would have liked," Google said in the blog post. The Big G also claimed in their post that they are working on tools to help users export their Wave data. Have you been using Wave for anything important, or did it just fade into the background for you? Feel free to express your feelings in the comments.

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