Google Wants Celebrities on Google+

Ryan Whitwam

Twitter has made a lot of headway by having big-name celebrities use the service as a promotional tool. This is the verified account scheme that the social networking site rolled out last year. Although Twitter doesn’t make a lot of use of it anymore, we’re getting word that Google is looking to create a similar system for Google+.

The impetus to get celebrities on a social networking service is simple: publicity. it might not mean a lot to our esteemed readership that Lady Gaga is tweeting her heart out on Twitter, but that will inevitably drive some more mainstream users to join up. Having verified Google+ accounts will allow the popular crowd to have confidence that they have control over their social presence.

Google has yet to decide how to do the verification. One possibility is that the celebrity in question will have to mail in a copy of his or her ID. But it’s more likely that Google will just end up working with known talent agencies to verify accounts.

Until Google gets this sorted out, some high profile users might sit this one out. For instance, William Shatner found his Google+ account deactivated recently. Apparently a Googler flagged it as a fake profile. Do you think that celebrity uptake will help Google+?

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