Google Voice Makes Its Way onto Mobile Devices


Forget about dialing into your Google Voice number in order to use the service from your smartphone. Pretty soon, that will be the old-school way of doing things, as Google is releasing a mobile application that allows users to make calls directly from their phone. The caveat? It will only work with Blackberrys and Android phones, although Google did say it is working with Apple to bring its app to the iPhone.

For those with a compatible phone, when making a call with the new app, the recipient will see the user's Google Voice number instead of the mobile phone number. The same applies for text messages. Other features include the ability to more easily access voice mail, and view message transcripts and have them read back to you"karaoke style," as Google calls it, where the words being read are highlighted.

Not everyone will get access to the new features. Currently, Google Voice is by invitation only - sign up here .

Image Credit: Google

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