Google Voice Invites on their Way to Mailboxes

Maximum PC Staff

Google Voice invites are headed to the mailboxes of all those who had placed a request on the Google Voice website or on GrandCentral, according to an announcement on Google’s official blog.

Google Voice is a new service that assigns a single phone number to a user, which can be used by the user to simultaneously receive calls and SMSes on his other phones. The user can categorize phone contacts into groups and configure the service to forward calls and messages from a certain group to all the phones, or to a pre-specified number(s), or to Google Voicemail – you can read the transcripts of voicemails as well.

A Google phone number is tethered to you and not a phone number or your location. The cherry on the cake, as with most Google services, is that it’s free. However, Google’s largesse has bounds and users will have to purchase new visiting cards that mention their new Google phone number.

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