Google Voice Gets Nifty Customization Options Thanks To G+ Circles

Brad Chacos

The Plus-ification of Google continued yesterday as the company announced it was offloading G+ features onto yet another Google service. But unlike the incredibly annoying (both in name and use) Search Plus Your World , this update's actually pretty useful; Google Voice users will be able to personalize their phone line's behavior using their G+ circles. Don't want to mix business with pleasure? With the new Circles functionality, you could have separate voicemail recordings for friends and coworkers -- and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Google engineer Tom Ford announced the new feature on the Google Voice blog yesterday . His brief post sums up the possibilities pretty well:

To help make it even easier for you to organize your contacts, today we’re adding Google+ Circles to Google Voice. Circles give you more control over how you manage your callers; for example, calls from your “Creepers” circle can be sent straight to Voicemail, only your “College Buddies” circle will hear you rap your voicemail greeting, or you can set your “Family” circle to only ring your mobile phone .

If you're a Google Voice user with a G+ account, head into the "Groups & Circles" tab of your Voice settings to give the customization a whirl.

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