Google Voice Gets Faster on Blackberry and Android

Ryan Whitwam

The most recent update to the official Android and Blackberry Google Voice apps offers users a noticeable speed increase when making calls. Previously, whenever a user placed a Google Voice call using the app's functionality, there would be a delay of up to 10 seconds (depending on data signal). This is due to the requirement that a Google server be pinged to connect the call over the phone lines. Now the app stores a special number locally to place the call.

These direct numbers are the obfuscated numbers that Google Voice uses internally to route your calls. Each contact has one of these 406 area code numbers. Now that the apps can call this number directly, there is no wait for a server to respond. This also has the advantage of eliminating the need for a data connection to initiate a call.

Android uses can get the update from the Market. Blackberry users should head over to the Google Voice site to download the update. Any Voice users out there already try this?

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