Google Voice Extension Adds Killer New Features to Chrome

Maximum PC Staff

The addition of extensions to the latest versions of Chrome have given Google some serious geek cred in the browser market, but for the most part the extensions we've seen to date are typically knock offs of versions that have been available to Firefox users for years. What Google needed to win over the hearts and minds of those on the fence was a feature nobody else could offer, and now they have it. The Google Voice extension for Chrome is now live, and adds some killer new features to the snappy little browser for anyone who also uses their free voice service.

One of the most useful new additions is the ability to click and call any phone number you find in a web page. This is extremely handy when surfing through business listings, and when you click the number you are given the option to use any of the phone numbers linked to your account. Users will also have a voice icon added directly to the right of their address bar which will allow them to call anybody in their address book, or even send and receive text messages / transcribed voicemails.

TechCrunch has reported some instability in the latest Mac version, but since most of our readers are typically running Windows, I don't expect this will be much of a problem around here. Is this enough to get you to switch to Chrome?

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