Google Using Your Endorsements As Advertisements

Brittany Vincent

Comments about your favorite restaurant will be used as endorsements

Google made a slightly unsavory change to its terms of service on Friday -- under the new rules, it can utilize your name, photos, and random comments as endorsements for ads shown online. These types of content will be culled from various online sources such as YouTube and Google+.

TechSpot reports this new advertisement strategy via the New York Times as a way to coerce acquaintances into investigating a product or service you appear to have given a ringing endorsement for. The new policy is going live on November 11, but if you feel like this type of advertising is a little too invasive for you, there will be the option available to opt out . User under the age of 18 will automatically be excluded from inclusion in the search results as well.

Is this a little too far, even for Google?

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