Google Unveils City Experts Program in Limited Cities

Brittany Vincent

Become a City Expert and interact with other Google users

Are you a dedicated Yelp or Foursquare user who loves to post reviews of your favorite local establishments? Google called -- they want you. Google's new City Experts program is seeking out dedicated reviewers for its cause, which was rolled out in select cities on August 2nd.

The City Experts initiative, via PCMag , aims to "bring together the most active uers on Google Maps" in an effort to reward informative and balanced consumers for their input. Becoming a "City Expert" requires you to have written fifty prior reviews through the Google Maps service, and they must be up to Google's standards. Once you reach that milestone, you must continue to write five reviews per month to maintain Expert status.

The perks begin after your fiftieth qualifying review, as Google explains: "Upon becoming a Google City Expert, you'll receive an invitation to an exclusive Google+ Community, where you can meet fellow Experts in your city and discuss new tips and tricks for using Google+ Local and Google Maps. You'll also receive monthly City Experts newsletters which will include a variety of offers, including free Google-branded items, online campaigns and contests and special event invites in your area."

There's no word yet on how many additional cities will end up participating in the City Experts campaign, but it sounds like an interesting premise.

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