Google Under the Microscope in Brazil for Possible Antitrust Violations

Paul Lilly

Brazil thinks Google may be up to no good

Another day, another antitrust suit. Granted, not all of them are focused on Google -- Microsoft's had its fair share of antitrust lawsuits, too -- though this one is, and it's coming from Brazil. Over in Brazil, Google is under investigation for alleged anticompetitive practices involving the use of rivals' content, discouraging their advertisers, and favoring its own product listings in its search results.

Microsoft was first to cry foul, according to a statement by Brazilian antitrust watchdog Cade, Reuters reports . However, Microsoft isn't the only one calling shenanigans. Buscapé and Bondfardo, a pair of comparison shopping sites in Brazil, have accused Google of "scraping," or reproducing product reviews from their users.

The two sites also allege that Google plays favorites to Google Shopping on its general web search by making it the only price comparison tool that includes photos, prices, and evaluations.

Google said it is cooperating with Brazilian regulators in the investigation.

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