Google TV Update Fixes Frustrating Netflix Flaw

Paul Lilly

We suppose technically the inability to search through the Netflix streaming catalog on Google TV isn't a flaw, but to us it is. Thankfully we can stop bitching about it now that Google addressed that annoying shortcoming with its first Google TV update since rolling out the platform two months ago, the search giant announced in a blog post.

In addition to search functionality, Google TV viewers can add titles to their DVD queue. In other words, the Netflix app is no longer woefully (and inexplicably) behind the curve, finally catching up to how it's implemented on other home theater devices.

The update also includes a Dual View feature allowing you to watch TV and browse the Web at the same time. As Google explains, maybe you want to "watch Conan while tweeting about him on Twitter," and now you can. There's a remote control app  for Android phones with integrated voice search available for download (see video below), and finally the update installs a new movie results page that shows all films associated with the title.

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