Google TV Finally Getting Honeycomb Update, Market Access Next Week

Ryan Whitwam

There are two things you need to know here. First, Google TV is still a thing. Secondly, and perhaps more startling, the long-awaited Honeycomb update is finally official . The Android 3.1 based software will be available next week, and brings a total redesign and access to more service like the Android Market. Is this going to make Google TV into an overnight success a year after introduction?

The new interface ditches those terrible text menus, and relies instead on a new desktop with icons. There is a TV and Movies app that aggregates all the video content you have access to from sources like cable/satellite, Netflix, and Amazon. The Android Market is finally going to be on Google TV, but apps that require phone hardware including touchscreens and GPS, won’t show up at all. That means a smaller than expected selection of apps to start, but Google says that more than 50 developers have GTV-optimized apps ready to go.

Unfortunately, not all Google TV devices are getting the update at the same time. The Sony TV and Blu-Ray player with Google TV built in are first up next week, and the Logitech Revue will get it later. Does this make you want a Google TV device any more?

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