Google to Test Mobile NFC Payments

Ryan Whitwam

According to a report from Bloomberg, Google is preparing to start a mobile payment trial in New York and San Francisco. The system, which Google will be rolling out with VeriFone Systems Inc., will let users pay for purchases with their smartphones. The special registers would make use of near-field-communication (NFC) technology, which is still rare in mobile phones in the US.

The Nexus S is currently one of the only US phones with an NFC chip included, but Visa is reportedly planning to roll out a microSD NFC card consumers could use on existing phones. It has been the lack of NFC hardware that has kept mobile payments from taking off, but this push from Google could entice manufacturers to begin including the tech in phones.

The next iPhone has been rumored to either have, or definitely not have an NFC chip depending on the week. Getting out in front of Apple here could allow Google to build an open network of NFC payments. We're just going to have to wait and see if consumers are willing to adopt the technology.

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