Google to Launch "Google Storage" Service at I/O

Ryan Whitwam

Amazon's S3 cloud storage service has been a popular choice for those needing a large amount of scalable storage, but it's about to get another competitor. Google is rumored to be planning the launch of Google Storage at the Google I/O conference that starts tomorrow. Early indications are that the service would be in private beta at first.

Amazon S3 charges users based on how much bandwidth and storage space they use. We imagine Google would use a similar model, but with tie-ins to your existing Google account. Google may also build in tools to help Amazon S3 users make the switch. Sources have said the new cloud storage system will be available via command line to developers initially. A web interface is also planned, but may or may not be part of the initial launch.

This has the potential to pull together Google's online offerings in advance of the launch of Chrome OS. Chrome OS is said to be an OS that relies on the cloud, so a Google branded cloud storage solution is a perfect fit. Would you trust Google with your important data?

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