Google to Focus on Google Voice and Cloud Computing in 2010

Ryan Whitwam

In a recent interview, Google’s VP of product management, Bradley Horowitz, made it clear that 2010 would see Google making a big push with Google Voice, as well as cloud computing ventures . Google Voice was just rolled out this year, but already has 1.4 million users in the invite only beta. The recent acquisition of Gizmo5 may give a hint as to the direction Google plans to go, and it may put them on a collision course with Skype.

Gizmo5 allows users to make VoIP calls over a data connection much like Skype. It seems clear that Google plans to beef up Google Voice with the technology from Gizmo5. “Gizmo5 gives us talent and talent technology. They have specific tech and skills in further integrating telephony with devices and desktop and Web-based computing,” said Horowitz. Skype already provides VoIP to 500 million users, but if any company can scale up to that level, it’s Google.

Google is already laying the groundwork for its cloud computing endeavors as well. They need users to feel secure storing data in Google’s cloud, and the creation of the Data Liberation Front goes a long way in gaining that trust. Similarly, the Google Dashboard increases data transparency at Google. According to Horowitz, Google is also aware people won’t use cloud services if that aren’t fast. So look forward to “blazing fast” cloud platforms with highly portable data in 2010… we can only hope.

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