Google to Add Gamepad Support to Chrome

Pulkit Chandna

Thanks to the impressively wide repertoire of modern web browsers, these days it’s possible to accomplish so many different things within them. Soon you will be able to enjoy web-based games a lot more than you already do. This is due to the fact Google is getting ready to include plug-and-play support for gamepads in Chrome.

Speaking at the Develop Liverpool conference, Google developer advocate Paul Kinlan shed light on a number of upcoming Chrome features . Besides adding plug-and-play support for gamepads, Google will also update its web browser with native support for microphones and cameras. Interestingly, Kinlan seems to think that such functionality will lend itself quite well to browser-based AR games and player tracking. Also coming to Chrome is support for WebRTC, an open source framework aimed at enabling real-time communications within the browser without the use of any plugins.

All these features will become part of Chrome sometime during the first quarter of next year. These updates are also going to be significant from the standpoint of Google’s Chromebooks, which have hitherto failed to make any impression on consumers.

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