Google: The Future is Cloud Computing or Bust

Paul Lilly

Google recently unveiled its pilot netbook for the Chrome OS, the Cr-48 (check out our hands-on preview here ), which basically lives entirely on the cloud. In the future, Google hopes you will, too.

"I think it depends on the user and the user's behavior," Google product management director, Caesar Sengupta, said in an interview with SearchEngineLand . He was asked if he sees cloud-based machines taking the place of Windows- and Mac-based computers.

"In the long term and the fullness of time, absolutely. I think we will have failed if this doesn't become your default way of computing," Sengupta said.

That's a bold goal, one that's probably a bit unrealistic given how popular current non cloud-based OSes are. Nevertheless, Sengupta points out that "hundreds of millions of users" already live on the web, and "for many of these users, this will replace their machines immediately, especially as Web apps get better."

So what do you think, is cloud computing the end game for computing nirvana?

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