Google Testing Haswell-powered Chromebook

Pulkit Chandna

References to Haswell-powered Chromebook board found in Chromium OS code

Ultrabook vendors are not the only ones eagerly looking forward to Intel’s 22nm Haswell chip , scheduled to launch at Computex 2013 in June, as Chromebooks powered by Intel’s next-generation chip are also in the cards.’s Dinsan Francis claims to have unearthed many references to a Chromebook board codenamed “Slippy” while sifting through Chromium OS code. When he delved deeper in search of more clues, Francis says, he discovered that Slippy is based on Intel’s next-generation Haswell chip.

Until very recently, Chromebooks mostly used low-power Atoms and Celerons — even a 1.7 GHz dual-core Samsung Exynos 5 SoC in one case — but the Google Chromebook Pixel bucked that trend when it debuted with a dual-core Core i5 3427U processor earlier this year. Combine this shift to more powerful processors with the fact that Haswell promises to help extend the battery life of notebooks significantly, the existence of Slippy is not surprising in the least.

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