Google Talk Comes to iPhone with Speech Impediment


So here's the good news; Google has officially released its Google Talk application for the iPhone and iPod touch browsers. That means you can text away to all your gFamily and gFriends and look trendy doing it. And you needn't install anything, either. The application runs completely from within the Safari browser. Just head over to , sign in, and start mashing away while being careful not to spill your Starbucks Latte.

Ready for the bad news? Don't you dare try to do anything else while holding a conversation. As you might have already surmised, Google Talk " needs to be open in your Safari browser. When you navigate away to another browser window or application, you status will be changed to 'unavailable' and your Google Talk session will be restarted when you return. " Giving your undivided attention would be considered good social etiquette in a face-to-face encounter, but must the same manners apply in a virtual environment?

Image Credit: Google

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