Google Street View Goes Off-Road with Tricycles


Dan Ratner, Senior Mechanical Engineer for Google Street View, envisioned the Street View service being able to map parts of the world that cannot be driven. Bike trails, university campuses, amusement parks all could benefit from the Street View mapping system, but at the time, the technology did not exist to explore these areas and record them digitally.

Enter, Google Trike. It is basically a monster tricycle with the Street View camera stuck on its back. However, it opens the possibilities of exploring remote places in more detail from the comfort of your home.

Ratner announced today a massive suggestion bin for places people would like the Google Trike to go. The suggestion site will be open and taking nominations until October 28th. Here, you can also check out some already existing Google Trike explorations of LEGOLAND , San Diego State , Santa Monica Pier , and Monterey Bay bike trail .

Check out the video after the jump.  Got any good ideas?

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