Google Spent $100 Million in Viacom Lawsuit

Ryan Whitwam

The legal battle of Viacom against Google took years to come to some sort of conclusion. We knew lawyers weren't cheap, but in their recent earnings call, Google CFO Patrick Pichette reminded us just how not cheap. Google spent $100 million defending themselves in the Viacom-YouTube copyright infringement lawsuit, and the case didn't even make it to trial.

A judge dismissed the case last month, and Google is declaring victory. Though, there is still the possibility Viacom could appeal. But considering how much Google spent on this little endeavor, we imagine Viacom's bill was just as high, if not higher. When the total amount of damages requested was only $1 billion, Viacom might be doing the math. Add to that the strong language the judge used in the judgment, coming down on the side of "safe harbor", and Viacom might do better to move on.

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