Google Shows Off Awesome New "Project Glass" HUD Project

Brad Chacos

They're real, and they look spectacular! Back in February, we reported that both 9 to 5 Google and The New York Times claimed to be hearing rumors about devices we cheerfully dubbed " Google Glasses :" Oakley-esque glasses sporting a HUD and all other kinds of useful technology. Today, that rumor became reality when Google unveiled "Project Glass," from the Google[x] division responsible for those self-driving cars.

We'd prattle on about how the concept video shows an awesome augmented reality full of on-the-fly directions, pictures, music, voice commands, locational awareness and video chat, but that'd be silly: just check out the video above to see it for yourself. We first saw the story over at AllThingsD , but a Project Glass page has already been set up over on the Google-fied social network. (Is it still okay to call Google+ fledging or are we past that stage?)

Initial reports put the price of the Google Glasses -- I'll continue to call them that, thank you very much -- at somewhere between $250 and $600. How much would you drop on a pair after watching that video?

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