Google Sets Up Task Force to Reduce Chrome Binary Size

Pulkit Chandna

Considering the fact that Chrome earned its stripes as a minimalist browser optimized for speed, the increasing size of Chrome's distribution binaries isn't really something to be proud of. Google has now decided to put the kibosh on this trend. To this end, it has set up a task force that will weigh in with with ways to “bring down the size of Chrome distribution binaries.”

Chrome started out with a binary size of only 9.0MB. However, its size has almost tripled in the past two years, with Chrome 10 tipping the binary scales at 26.2MB. Anthony Laforge, Chrome technical program manager, wrote in a message on the Chromium Developers mailing list that the task force is currently concentrating on Windows as “the primary target for size reduction.”

According to Chrome Developer Ian Fette, while Chrome's current file size might not be a huge problem for users with fast broadband connections, it is a cause of concern in countries with poor bandwidth, including India, which “happens to be a very good market for Chrome (we have good market share there and growing).”

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