Google Serves Up $20,000 Chrome Exploit Challenge

Paul Lilly

In the grand scheme of things, relatively few people ever claim $20,000 for a day's worth of work. You can be one of them, provided you put your hacker hat on and attend the Pwn2Own contest next month. Google's challenge is this: Be the first to "pop [the Cr-48's Chrome] browser and escape the sandbox using vulnerabilities purely present in Google-written code" and the bounty, as well as the laptop, are both yours to keep, TippingPoint said in a blog post .

"If competitors are unsuccessful, on day 2 and 3 the ZDI will offer $10,000 USD for a sandbox escape in non-Google code and Google will offer $10,000 USD for the Chrome bug. Either way, plugins other than the built-in PDF support are out of scope," TippingPoint said.

TippingPoint has put up a total cash pool of $125,000 in this year's Pwn2Own contest, with only $20,000 coming from outside funding (Google). This is the first time Google has offered a cash prize as part of the event, though it's worth mentioning that Chrome was the only browser to remain unscathed during last year's contest.

Image Credit: Google

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