Google Searches Fall Prey To A Devastating ZERG RUSH!

Brad Chacos

Few things in life are as frustrating as losing a Starcraft match to a Zerg Rush. Falling to a teeming wave of cheap, quickly produced Zerglings flat-out sucks. No matter how many cannons you fire, the fodder just keeps coming. A new Google easter egg brings the doomed gameplay of fending off an unending Zerg Rush to your Google Search results -- but unlike in Starcraft, it's actually surprisingly fun. (You're still screwed in the end, though.)

Just search for "Zerg rush" -- minus the quotation marks -- to get the party started. Legions of little red and yellow "O"s swarm in from the edges of the screen, determined to demolish your search results. (Amusingly, most of those search results talk about the Zerg Rush easter egg. How meta!) Each search result has a life bar, as does each "O"; left-clicking on an "O" two or three times brings it down.

It doesn't matter if you click until your finger goes numb; the Zerg "O"s just keep on coming. (Protip: they attack the sections of the screen you can't see, too, so be sure to scroll up and down occasionally.) Eventually, your last search result will crumble beneath the onslaught, and the "O"s will swirl together to form "GG" -- Starcraft slang for good game. Then you can share your score on Google+ afterwards.

Is the Zerg Rush easter egg a one-day event or here to stay? We're not sure, so you might want to get in on the action soon just in case. And when you're done, be sure to check out more of the easter eggs Google has sprinkled throughout its various services .

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