Google Search Results Get a New Look

Ryan Whitwam

Google has finally begun widespread rollout of their new search results page after a testing period. Google has added a number of useful options to a new left hand column. The column is separated into three sections: Universal Search, the Search Options panel and Something Different.

Universal search is at the top and helps users refine their searches by suggesting search "genres". The "Everything" option is selected as the default and provides the classic Google results. It can be used to narrow results to categories like "News" or "Blogs". Below that is the search options panel which was rolled out last year, so you're probably already familiar with it. It is mainly used to change how the search results are displayed

The bottom block in the new column is called Something Different. It is based on a labs project called Google Squared. This section is designed to help users compare search results. Based on search context, this area will provide similar searches. Now this is integrated right into the search results page.

According to Google, the new page will be rolling out to all users by the end of the day. Do you have the new look yet? If so, what do you think?

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