Google Search Gets Social with Google+ Integration

Ryan Whitwam

It was only a matter of time, and now Google has rolled Google+ social results into its search engine in a big way . The new system is called “Search Plus Your World,” and it's the biggest change to Google search in years. The new social search will surface content on the web, as well as on Google+. Everything from posts, to photos, to shared links will be taken into account from here on out.

Users will have to be logged into Google+ for the new social content to show up, but it appears to be the default view. A new search settings bar at the top allows you to quickly toggle the customized results off and get just general web content. The Plus-ified version of search indicated with a small person icon the links that are specifically from your Google+ circles or posts.

Private material will show up in results, but only for those people it has been shared with. People and pages from your Circles will also auto-complete on Google now. The change is live now, and should be available to everyone in the coming days. Google’s personalized search can be permanently disabled in the settings. Will you leave the personalized search on?

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