Google Says It Doesn't Want to Be Utility

Ryan Whitwam

Google has made it clear recently that it does not intend to compete with utilities . The Mountain View tech company felt the need to do so after its recent push to get the PowerMeter service up and running. Some have worried that Google might intend to take over the relationship with customers from the electric companies.

PowerMeter is a service that pulls data from special “smart” home electricity meters and feeds it into a web interface where users can track their use. Google’s Program Manager for Advanced Products, Ed Lu, explained that Google only wants to help consumers understand their energy usage better. He went on saying, “This is where we think we can help utilities with this particular problem.”

Google has held firm that PowerMeter is merely a tool to help people be more environmentally conscious. Google also says they don’t intend to make profits on PowerMeter, as it is a project of, Google’s philanthropic arm.

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