Google is Rewarding QuickOffice Users with 10GB of Online Storage for 2 Years

Paul Lilly

QuickOffice is now free and comes with a perk

Google is determined to win the cloud wars, and to prove it, the company announced that its document editing software QuickOffice is now free for both Android and iOS platforms. Prior to Google's pro bono change of heart, this was a $20 program, which is popular for its ability to let you edit Microsoft Office documents on your smartphone or tablet. Not only is it now free, but Google is giving away online storage, too.

Just sign into your Google Account from the new QuickOffice app for either platform by September 26, 2013, and you'll receive an extra 10GB of Google Drive storage to your account for two years (it will show up sometime in the next few weeks, Google says ). Combined with the free app, that's not a bad haul for no out-of-pocket expense.

Google removed the old version of QuickOffice from Apple's App Store and Google Play, so there's no confusing which one you're downloading. The updated app also has some new features, including a refreshed icon, the ability to create ZIP folders, and the ability to view charts in Excel and PowerPoint files.

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