Google Reportedly Giving Motorola, Samsung, and HTC Inside Track on Honeycomb Tablets

Paul Lilly

Some of the first tablets built around Google's much anticipated Android "Honeycomb" platform will likely come from Motorola, Samsung, and HTC. Citing industry sources, DigiTimes says the search giant is giving priority to these three companies for cooperation to develop slates around the first version of Android intended specifically for tablet computing.

Honeycomb was built from the ground up for tablets, and from what we've seen, it definitely shows. Google posted a teaser video this week of Honeycomb in action, and while it's still Android, it's Android like you've never seen it before.

Being one of the first out the door with a Honeycomb tablet could prove a major advantage, and a major disadvantage for those left waiting in the wings. DigiTimes says Compal Electronics "tried in vain to cooperate with Google" on a Honeycomb tablet for 2010, but Google instead has given priority to handset makers.

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