Google Reportedly Building Android-based Game Console

Pulkit Chandna

A smartwatch and a Nexus Q successor also said to be in the works

While most regular companies have to be mindful of the perils of spreading themselves too thin, the colossal likes of Google, Apple and Microsoft can seemingly do whatever they want, whenever they want without any such worries. For instance, Google, best known for its search algorithms, operating systems, smartphones, tablets and mostly decent April Fool’s jokes, is now said to be building an Android-based game console.

According to a Wall Street Journal report citing sources “familiar” with Google’s plans, the company is working on an Android-based game console . Its not the Ouyas and the Shields that it has in its sights, but the rumored console is allegedly an attempt to preempt a similar device that Apple may bring to the market in the future.

But the game console is not the only new Android-powered device that Google is said to be developing at the moment. The company is, per the paper’s sources, also working on a smartwatch — apparently also an attempt at preempting Apple — and the successor to its ill-fated media streaming device the Nexus Q.

Although this is nothing more than a rumor, one thing is for sure: if Google is indeed building such an Android-based gaming machine, its chances of attracting triple A exclusive titles, for long considered the lifeblood of any videogame platform, are much better than that of Ouya, Inc. or Bluestacks .

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