Google Releases Mockup of a Potential Chrome OS Tablet

Maximum PC Staff

Google isn’t going to take this whole Apple iPad thing lying down. Problem is, Google’s got nothing physical to counter Apple’s big marketing splash. That doesn’t mean Google can’t steal some of Apple’s thunder, and at the same time soften the iPad’s market position. All Google needs to do is suggest there’s something better down the road--if you just wait. And what could be better than a tablet PC running on Chrome OS ?

What Google is offering are “visual explorations”. There isn’t a real product, or even a prototype, so there’s nothing concrete to work from. But these visualizations do offer some hints of what a future Chrome OS tablet might be like. Google says some of the possibilities are: “keyboard interaction with the screen”, “launchers as an overlay”, “contextual actions triggered via dwell”, “zooming UI for multiple tabs”, and “creating multiple browsers on screen using a launcher”. And, the video presentation that accompanies the visualizations suggests multi-tasking. (Take that iPad!)

Gearlog says the first Chrome OS-based tablets, from third-party hardware manufacturers, are expected at the end of this year. It will be interesting to see how close they come to these visualizations.

Image Credit: Google

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