Google Realtime Search Vanishes as Twitter Deal Ends

Ryan Whitwam

Over the weekend, Google’s experimental Realtime Search page mysteriously vanished , and now we know why. It tuns out that the search giant’s deal with social networking service Twitter expired, leaving Realtime with a real lack of data. Google says the feature will be coming back, but has not said when or in what form.

Back in 2009, Google inked a deal with Twitter to pipe all its data into Google for use in Realtime. While the direct feed has been shut off, Google has stressed that its web crawlers can still index all the public posts on Twitter. It just won’t be so much real time.

Google Realtime Search will apparently come back with a variety of data sources, but it is unclear if Twitter will be one of them. Certainly Google+ will be in the mix, but it will not be the only one. With Twitter’s crazy-short search index, we’d really like to see a new deal with Google.

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