Google Reader Upgraded to Track Pages without RSS Feeds


Google Reader now has the ability to provide custom feeds for the sites that don't have an RSS feed, making it possible to track changes on such pages using any RSS reader. The Google-created feed is composed of snippets of page changes. However, site owners can disable such feeds by opting-out of the service. Feeds can be added by entering the URL of the particular page you wish to follow in the "Add a subscription" field.

Apparently, the feature was not developed by the Google Reader team but another set of Google developers. “At Google we're always looking for ways to take advantage of work being done in other parts of the organization. So when a team approached us with a way to follow changes from websites without feeds, we jumped at the opportunity,”  Google's  Liza Ma wrote on the official Google Reader blog. Though there are other services that offer the same functionality , it is a useful little feature that should please Google Reader users.

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