Google Quietly Testing Docs Offline Support

Pulkit Chandna

The initial response to the first Chromebooks has been rather lukewarm. But that is unlikely to deter Google, which is in it for the long haul. Now all eyes are going to be on the first few installments of changes and new features. Lack of offline functionality is being seen as the Achilles heel’ of Chrome OS. It will become a touch more usable offline when Google Docs offline support returns later this summer after a long hiatus. There are signs of the much awaited return of Docs offline support being just around the corner.

According to the unofficial Google Operating System blog , one of its readers recently reported seeing “a black bar flash up on screen quickly when loading the DocList of [his] Google Apps account.” Meanwhile, another reader told the blog that he too encountered the Offline Docs black bar, but it wasn’t functional at that time. Clearly, Google is quietly testing the feature. Now that trials have begun, the eventual roll out can’t be far off.

Image Credit: Google Operating System blog

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