Google Quietly Launches Google Storage for Developers

Ryan Whitwam

You might have missed this in the storm of Android news today, but the rumors were true and Google has indeed launched a new online storage service. Google Storage looks to be a direct competitor to Amazon's S3 hosting. Google will be charging 17-cents per gigabyte of storage per month, 10-cents per gigabyte uploaded, and 15-30-cents per gigabyte downloaded.

The service will initially only be available to a limited number of US-based developers, but they will enjoy a free 100GB of storage and 300GB of bandwidth. It's clear Google hopes to entice Amazon S3 customers to move to The Big G's servers. Amazon charges 15-cents per gigabyte stored, but has a version of the service with only 99.99% uptime for 10-cents per gig.

Google is probably looking to pair this hosting solution with their Google AppEngine developer tools. For some users of Google services, it might make sense to switch just out of convenience. Do we have any S3 users among our readers? Would you consider switching?

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