Google Promoting Google+ Photos Over Picasa

Ryan Whitwam

Google made a curious change today with no forewarning to users. Now when clicking the top link for Photos on Google sites, those using Google+ will be directed to the Photos tab of the social network, not to the Google Picasa Web Albums site. The G+ page lists photos from your circles and personal profile, but lacks many of the tools built into Picasa.

When Google+ dropped, we began hearing rumors that the Picasa name would be put out to pasture, and maybe this is part of that eventual plan. Though, with features like batch editing and Picnik support, it doesn’t make sense to just leave Picasa behind. We will grant that the Google+ photos page is compelling in a social sort of way, but it’s not a fully-fledged photo management page yet.

We anticipate that the features in Picasa will slowly but surely make their way to Google+, but in the meantime, you can still manually reach Picasa. Do you think Google is moving to fast with this social business?

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