Google Product Search Gets "In Stock" Notifications

Maximum PC Staff

Connecting people to what they want (or alternately helping people more easily spend their money), just got a bit easier with Google’s new “in stock” notifications .

The process is simple. If you do a search for a product that is sold by participating retailers, and one of those retailers is nearby, and has that item in stock, the search results will be displayed with a blue dot. With “My Location” enabled, you’ll even know how far you have to drive to acquire your coveted item. Google’s partners in this venture include Best Buy, Sears, Williams-Sonoma, and Pottery Barn.

According to Google’s Mobile Blog: “If you have an iPhone, Palm WebOS phone, or any Android-powered device, and you're in the US, just go to in your mobile browser, tap on the "more" link, and then select "Shopping." Or look for the "Shopping results" section in Universal Search results when you search on”

Image Credit: Google

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