Google Plus Takes Page from Facebook, Introduces Birthday Reminders

Paul Lilly

Be honest, do you really have a close relationship with the 500 or 1,000 people in your online social network? Probably not, but Facebook has, for some time now, been reminding you of each one's birthday (optionally), and then it's up to you whether you want to post a message or not. It's a pretty basic feature, and now it's available in Google+. You know, just in case you can't remember the dates for the three people in your circles who actually use the service (we kid, we kid...sort of).

"Everyone deserves a little love on their birthday, so we’re making it easier for you and your friends to celebrate on Google. Starting today, you’ll see a reminder on when someone in your circles has a birthday! From there it’s easy to share a fun message, photo, or video with the birthday gal or guy," Google announced in a Google+ post .

If you'd rather your wise cracking friends didn't know your birthday, and thus skip the age jokes and sarcastic Someecard links, you can adjust your Google+ birthday preferences "to make sure you're sharing with the right people," Google says. To do that, head to

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