Google Play Store Surpasses iOS App Store Downloads

Brittany Vincent

Google Play Store continues to play catch-up in revenue

Android users should find cause to celebrate about their OS of choice. Forbes reports (via App Annie stats) that the Google Play Store has, after a long haul, overtaken iOS in app downloads. This unexpected turn of events seems to have been bolstered by quite the large rush in Android app downloads by Japan and South Korea, as well as downloads in India and Russia during the second quarter of 2013.

While the Google Play Store is now in top place with what can only be an astronomical amount of downloads, iOS is still sitting pretty when it comes to revenue, with a 130% lead. Still, it's very clear that Android is rapidly becoming the platform of choice globally, and it's all thanks to cheaper, more cost-efficient technology and models available.

The landscape is tumultuous and could change again in the blink of an eye, but for now it looks like Android is the reigning king. It will be interesting to see how Apple responds to these numbers, as well as how the budget iPhone will alter the playing field.

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