Google Play Makes Its Way To The Nook HD

Maximum PC Staff

Barnes & Noble welcomes Google back into their version of Android.

Barnes & Noble knows that the Nook is in an awkward position these days. The company’s name has become synonymous with bad news, and getting users to buy into their ecosystem is becoming increasingly tricky. Nobody wants to buy a dedicated tablet from a company that might not be around this time next year. This could help explain the disappointing sales the company has experienced as of late, but at least they finally have a plan. In a free update, B&N is adding Google Play to the Nook HD and Nook HD+ , instantly making them viable platforms.

Nook hardware has always been a great value, and with the addition of Google Play, it gets even better. Users now have access to more than 700,000 Android games, along with an incredible catalog of apps, and music. Unlocking this functionality is risky from a revenue standpoint, but the company is left with little choice as it struggles to compete with Amazon.

Android purists will probably still want to wait until we see what Google plans to do with the next generation Nexus 7, but bargain hunters have another decent option for a super inexpensive HD tablet.

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