Google Play Games Leaks Out Ahead of Google I/O

Maximum PC Staff

Google knocks off another iOS feature.

With Google I/O just a few days away, details are starting to leak out on new Android features. One of the most notable leaks is a new app called Google Play Games. The news comes courtesy of Android Police , who obtained a leaked build of Google Play Services which contains references to achievements, in-game chat, matchmaking, cloud save syncing, and even leaderboards.

Of course you could argue that Google is simply playing catch up with iOS here, but it’s also one of the few places where you could make the case Apple has a superior offering. We have also learned that the app will have deep hooks into Google+, presumably to better facilitate user ID authentication, and help you find friends to game with.

Will this be an add-on for Jelly Bean? Or the next version of Android? We won’t know for a few more days, but keep it locked to for the latest.

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