Google Planning to Retire Picasa and Blogger Brands During Google+ Rollout

Ryan Whitwam

Many users have come to think of Picasa and Blogger as old fiends on the web, but rumors indicate that Google is planning to leave those brands behind as Google+ rolls out. The services themselves aren’t going away, but they are likely to get a different look and feel.

The names currently floating around are probably what you expect: Google Photos and Google Blogs. Picasa and Blogger were acquisitions, so this move would not be without precedent. Google does occasionally rename services that it acquires, like it did with JotSpot (Google Docs) back in 2006 or GrandCentral (Google Voice) in 2009.

The transition is expected to occur within the next 4-6 weeks, which jives with the rumored date for the public launch of Google+. We also expect Blogger to have increased integration with Google+. Picasa is already tightly integrated.

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