Google Planning to Launch Fiber Internet in Select Markets

Ryan Whitwam

Google owns a lot of network infrastructure around the country, and now it looks like they plan to put some of it to work. On the Google blog today, the Mountain View company announced that they plan to offer “experimental” high-speed internet service in select markets . When you hear how fast, you’ll want to be in one of those markets. Google says the new service will offer speeds of around 1 gigabit per second. Just let that sink in. As for price, Google would say only that it would be “competitive”.

The search giant claims only benevolent motives in this course of action. “Our goal is to experiment with new ways to help make Internet access better and faster for everyone,” Google said in the post. Google points specifically to what developers might do with nearly unlimited bandwidth as something they will watch. They also hope to gain experience in running large fiber networks. Google also promises to manage the network in open and non-discriminatory ways. Clearly, Google plans to use this opportunity to showcase how net neutrality should work.

Communities interested in being part of this grand experiment have until March 26th to submit a request for information. Google says they plan to offer the fiber service to at 50,000-500,000 individuals. Both local governments and individuals are able to nominate a community . So maybe go have a chat with your mayor after you submit your own request. How does Google provided broadband make you feel, excited or paranoid?

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