Google+ Passes 10 Million Users, Could Hit 20 Million This Weekend

Ryan Whitwam

Google Plus is looking like more of a hit with each passing day. Independent analysis by’s Paul Allen indicates that Google’s new social network has already passed 10 million users, and it is estimated to pass 20 million by next weekend.

Allen used surname analysis to arrive at his figures, with the US census data as a model. By comparing the proportion of various names on Google+, it is possible to extrapolate the total number of users likely to have accounts. In the analysis, Allen controlled for non-US users amongst his sample of a few hundred names. Allen claims the model sound, and no one has yet to call shenanigans.

20 million users would be a real accomplishment, but that’s nothing compared to Facebook’s 750 million worldwide users. By adding hints of Google+ throughout the Google ecosystem, the search giant is hoping to hook users and encourage them to invite their friends. It is worth noting that Google+ only just opened up to any and all users. Is this just the beginning for Google+, or is it going to peak soon?

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